New Kent County, Virginia  Economic Development Authority

Tax Structure

New Kent County’s tax structure is designed to distribute the tax burden in a fair and equitable manner. Businesses are not singled out to pay more than their share and rates are the same for individuals as they are for business.  Local tax rates are established annually by the Board of Supervisors; and assessments are conducted by the Commissioner of the Revenue.

New Kent County Tax Rates for 2016

Assessment Category - Rate per $100
Real Estate - $0.84
Tangible Personal Property - $3.75
Machinery & Tools - $1.50
Aircraft - $0.75
Handicap Equipped Vehicles - EXEMPT
Mobile Home - $0.84

Business License Tax Rates for 2016

License Category - Rate per $100
Contractor - $0.12
Retail Sales - $0.15
Wholesale - $0.04
Repairs, Personal, Business & Other Services - $0.27
Financial, Real Estate & Professional Services - $0.44
Utility License Tax - $0.42
Miscellaneous License - $0.27

Please note:  Minimum Business License fee is $30.00, however every person or business subject to licensure shall not be taxed a license fee if their gross receipts are less than $10,000.