New Kent County, Virginia  Economic Development Authority

Public Schools

Because New Kent County is the second fastest growing community
in Virginia, the school system is preparing to meet the
challenges by expanding and renovating its facilities.
A new wing was recently added to New Kent Middle School
which created five more classrooms. Plans to open a new
Elementary School to serve our growing community
are also being developed.

All New Kent County Public Schools
have full state accreditation and
serve a student body that excels
both in the classroom and in
extra-curricular activities.
All middle school and high school
students have full digital
integration with students
provided one-to-one mobile devices.
The elementary and secondary
schools integrate technology
through our Instructional Framework to reflect the
demands of the changing workplace. Our high school has
a complement of Advanced Placement and Duel Enrollment
courses to provide opportunity for rigorous coursework.