Benefits & Incentives

Business goes where it is wanted and New Kent County wants your business. We understand that more is required than just wanting your business—we must provide the environment in which business can grow and prosper.

Business Benefits

Quality government services, reasonable regulations, and a fair and equitable taxing climate are essential. Local government must act as a partner with business rather than “just another problem”. A clear demonstration of New Kent’s desire for commercial/industrial development is the County’s major investment in public utility services. Because of this, public water and sewer are now available along the entire Route 33 Industrial Corridor, the Courthouse area and all four I-64 Interchanges. Full details of the utility system are found in the infrastructure section of this site.Virginia in general and New Kent in particular offers many benefits to business:

  • Virginia is the northern most right to work state.
  • Virginia has consistently been ranked by, CNBC and other rating organizations as either the best or one of the best states for business.
  • New Kent County understands the need for a business friendly climate and offers a moderate tax structure, a reasonable regulatory environment and a variety of business incentives.

New Kent County has the advanced utilities, communications and transportation networks necessary to support future commercial needs.

Business Incentives

New Kent County approaches the issue of business incentives with the firm understanding that they not only have a role in economic development, but that they are but one of many components needed for success. Our natural advantages and business friendly policies and practices, along with those of the Commonwealth, are the fundamental, long-term factors in the business location decision.To encourage development of new businesses and the expansion of existing businesses, New Kent has formally adopted a policy to utilize incentives including grants as well as permit expenses and fee forgiveness. The incentive programs are managed by the New Kent County Economic Development Authority and are guided by these principles:

  • Expansion of the tax base is the primary reason for the utilization of business development incentives.
  • Incentives may be available to both new business and the expansion of existing business.
  • To qualify for incentives, projects must be consistent with the development goals of the County as found in the Comprehensive Land Use Plan and other official documents and policies of the County.
  • Diversification of the economic base is a particularly important consideration.
  • Incentives must make economic sense to both the County and the business receiving the assistance.
  • Incentives are performance based.
  • Additionally, incentives offered by Virginia may be available and the County will assist in their utilization and apply for those that are appropriate.